90 Days to Thrive

Every powerful partnership is built on a strong foundation. Give your new employee the tools they need to succeed in the first 90 days.  

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Have you ever looked at a new

employee and thought:​

“Why aren’t they being proactive?” 

“Are those careless mistakes normal?” 

“Their attitude is changing. What’s going on?!”


You wish that they would just "get it," so you can focus on doing what you love. 

We understand.

Let’s be honest - you’re a successful real estate agent because you’re great at making sales, not because you’re an expert at training. This time around, let’s make it easier for you and your new employee to join forces and thrive. 

90 Days to Thrive

Coaching and Implementation Program

Get your new hire up to speed quickly so they can make an immediate impact on your business. 

Ensure an easy transition.

Spend more of your time with clients while we help on board and train your new employee.

Focus on your business.

Prevent overwhelm for yourself and your new hire so you can enjoy your jobs and your lives. 

Create an open dialogue. 

 Look inside.

Program Outline

  • Four, 30-minute one-on-one coaching calls per month
  • Group coaching calls for the new employee each week
  • 90-day performance & goal setting review

Membership Materials

Additional Tools

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There are things that go sideways during a new employee’s training and onboarding process that are completely avoidable.


Coaching with Kathleen is a no-brainer. 

​If you don’t participate in the 90 Days to Thrive program, you have a 20% chance of failure before the 90-day mark. If you do participate, there’s only a 3% chance that you’ll need to rehire. I partnered with Kathleen Metcalf to coach my clients and new hires because her results speak for themselves.

Vanessa Rosenblum, Pro R.E.A. Staffing

  • Clarify workflow in your business to ensure that your assistant does things your way. 

  • Develop a plan for what new systems or processes your assistant will need to design for your business (CRMs, checklists, client communication templates, etc.)

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I was excited about going into 1-on-1 coaching! 

It set the tone and expectations of the job (and it made me excited that my boss was invested in my success).



Director of Operations and Marketing

If you're on the fence about signing up, just do it... it's like getting insurance.

“Thanks to being part of the 1-on-1 coaching with Kathleen, I was able to sleep knowing I was doing the right things.

Keri Naslund-Monday

Lead Agent 

and Team


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