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It's our mission to help real estate leaders make conscious

hiring decisions and build mission-driven companies. 

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People, planet, then profits

Lead consciously

Evolve: seek growth & improve

Embrace challeges


high standards in all things

Never settle

collaborate, don't compete

Stronger together

Kindness: leave a positive impact

Act mindfully

Have fun: enjoy the journey

Do what you love

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You have big dreams, and we want you to achieve them.

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vanessa rosenblum

Vanessa Rosenblum

Hi, I’m Vanessa Rosenblum. I am the president and founder of Pro R.E.A. Staffing - the industry’s lead recruiting firm for real estate teams and brokerages. I'll help you hire talented employees so you can get back to doing what you love. 


During my fifteen-year career, I have continually sought to answer the question, “What makes a lasting hire, and how can we reduce the chances of making the wrong one?” That question led me to develop the philosophy, framework, systems, and processes that I teach in the Hire LAB course and use in my recruiting practice.


It’s my goal to give you the tools you need to design the life you want to lead! Learn more about Pro R.E.A. Staffing...

kathleen metcalf

Kathleen Metcalf

Real Estate Admin Team Coach & Consultant

Hire LAB Co-Founder

Hi there! I’m Kathleen Metcalf. I support, guide and mentor entrepreneurs and business owners in the real estate industry. It's my goal to help you overcome personal and professional obstacles so that you can be the incredible leader that you want to be. 


I’ve served as the bridge between business owners and their assistants for over 10 years, leading teams step-by-step to create essential systems and core habits in their office. This allows leaders like you to encourage momentum and increase sales volume - all while raising the quality of customer service!


I can't wait to share my experience with you to help you make a lasting, successful hire. Learn more about Kathleen Metcalf...

Leilani Quiray

LeiLani Quiray

HR Consultant and Founder of be the change HR

Hire LAB Contributor

Hi, I’m LeiLani Quiray. I have a fiery passion for Human Resources and philanthropy. This is why my HR consultancy was formed as a conscious- company and social enterprise. 


With 20 years of HR experience and philanthropic work, I wanted to build a business that was different from your everyday Human Resources consulting firm. be the change HR, Inc. is that firm. 


I help non-HR people understand HR. From drafting an offer letter, to building your employee handbook, to conducting sexual harassment training, I help small to medium sized companies navigate HR.


My team and I keep it real and I try to make HR fun. Learn more about be the change HR...

Bill Renaud

Bill Renaud

President & Founder of Renaud Coaching & Consulting

Hire LAB Contributor

After achieving phenomenal success as both a real estate agent and a team leader in Ottawa, Canada, I transitioned over a decade ago to exclusively coaching some of the best Realtors and Teams in North America. Prior to launching Renaud Coaching + Consulting, I was the Director of Coaching at Goodfellow Coaching for more than 15 years.

I am known for being gregarious, outgoing, and the man with the plan. My insights into business planning and development have helped a significant number of Realtors launch successful and highly profitable real estate careers.


Your success is my goal. I'm looking forward to helping you structure and build synergy to be successful in today’s demanding market. Learn more about Bill Renaud...

Leilani Quiray

David Breckheimer

Cultivate Wins - Small Business Coach - Personal & Professional Coaching 

Hire LAB Contributor

I am committed to helping small business owners grow personally and professionally. My programs are designed to help YOU accomplish YOUR goals.


I believe that most people involved in real estate tend to see and treat the industry as a very reactive type of business, and I tend to see it as one of the most PREDICTABLE industries around. It's my goals to give you the tools you need to build habits and systems that take advantage of it.


With over 20 years of mortgage, closing and real estate experience, I can honestly say that I'm more excited about what I do than ever before.

True work/life balance is not a pipe dream. Learn more about David Breckheimer...

Bill Renaud

Margaret "Mo" Smith

President & Founder of I Love It When, LLC

Hire LAB Contributor

Born and raised in Seattle, WA, I have a passion for seeking truth and asking the hard questions. My parents provided an environment where my brothers and I were truly given permission to just be ourselves. I had no idea the privilege I was given.


I have my Masters in Social Work with a focus on administration, and am an adamant believer in human potential. 


I am extremely passionate about raising the standards for Admin across industries and professions. I am an advocate, artist, cheerleader, strategic thinker - an Admin who wants to help bust open the industry. 


I am on a mission to revolutionize the operations world in the Real Estate Industry. Learn more about Mo Smith...


Our experienced hiring consultants have seen it all. From candidate screening services to one-on-one brainstorming sessions, we're here to help.

Erin Elizabeth

Account Manager

Erin is an experienced recruiter with a keen ability to identify exceptional candidates. Her perseverance and ability to understand the individual needs of each client make her an excellent resource.

Jam Swinton

Hiring Consultant

With over 5 years of combined experience in Recruitment and Customer Service, Jam brings a strong skill set to the Hire Lab team. She is known for her ability to identify placements that are a "perfect fit."

Ces De Guzman

Hiring Consultant

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It's our mission to help real estate leaders make conscious hiring decisions and build mission-driven companies. We believe that every real estate team should be filled with talented humans who love where they work. 

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