Coaching for Real Estate Teams 

Making the move from agent to owner isn't easy. Build a business where every person thrives. 

Your tenacity, grit and sales skills helped you become successful selling real estate. Now it’s time to hone the leadership, management and coaching skills that will help (and your team) succeed in this next phase of your growth.

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Thrive Together


Group coaching and mastermind sessions for real estate assistants and their agent-leader.


Show your real estate assistant how much you care about their professional development by providing them with a community of peers.


Assistants who participate in coaching report higher levels of job satisfaction and less stress -  and they tend to stay employed with you longer! 

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Personalized Coaching

  • A quarterly 1-on-1 coaching call with you and/or your admin
  • Weekly group coaching sessions for your admin
  • Weekly emails to you and your admin for accountability and support

Workflow Training

Additional Tools

Your Coach: Kathleen Metcalf 

Real Estate Admin Team Coach & Consultant
Hire LAB Co-Founder

Hi there! I support, guide and mentor entrepreneurs and business owners to overcome professional and personal obstacles. It’s my goal to help them become the leaders, managers, and team members that they want to be.

I act as the bridge between business owners and their assistants, and have done so for over 10 years. I lead teams step-by-step through creating essential systems and core habits in their office. These practices serve as the foundation that will allow you to create momentum and increase sales volume while raising the level of quality customer service.

1:1 Coaching for Real Estate Teams


Four, 30-minute sessions per month

If you want to build a business you can work “on” instead of “in” you’ll need three things:

1) Strong administrative assistance


2) Systems and processes to support your growth

3) The skills to lead and guide your team


Kathleen serves as the bridge between you and your team. She will help you find the freedom to do what you love by developing the team that makes it possible.


Did you know...

Group and 1-on-1 coaching sessions come with complimentary lifetime access to the online and on-demand REA 101 training program. REA 101 has 13 content-packed modules and over 38 templates, handouts, and scripts that can be used right away.

I will guide you from where you are now - through the sticky, messy, foggy, and uncertain steps - to where you are inspired and effective, both in your business and with your team.  I’ll have your back every step of the way.

Kathleen Metcalf 

  • 1400 Village Square Blvd 
    #3-85103, Tallahassee,
    Florida, 32312

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It's our mission to help real estate leaders make conscious hiring decisions and build mission-driven companies. We believe that every real estate team should be filled with talented humans who love where they work.