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The Hire LAB Course is a practical, easy-to-follow hiring guide that ensures your new employee is an excellent match for you and your business. 

   Hire LAB Course   



Course, 1 Goal

Yes, you can hire a new assistant in less than 30 days. And yes, we'll show you how.

Phase 1: Define

In this first phase, you will clarify who and what you need in your next hire. As you build the foundation for your search (and all future searches), you will learn how to articulate your company’s value proposition so you can attract the very best applicants.

Phase 1: Outline & Materials

Phase 2: Attract

This is the meat of the Hire LAB course. Our effective 5-step interview process will show you how to laser in on what’s important.


We’ll teach you how to attract the right candidate, structure an effective interview process and how to use the JCG+T formula to thoroughly evaluate each candidate.

Phase 2: Outline & Materials

Phase 3: Implement

Gain the fundamental skills you need to set your new hire up for success. We’ll give you the tools to implement an onboarding and training program that will encourage your new hire to grow and thrive. 

Phase 3: Outline & Materials

The Hire LAB Course will reduce your chance of turnover by 78%.

The forms and handouts are incredible. They alone are worth the price of the course!

Bill Renaud, Real Estate Business Coach

The Four Elements

of a Perfect Hire

The Hire LAB process was developed by the real estate hiring experts at Pro R.E.A. Staffing, and it has been used for over a DECADE to successfully match real estate assistants and agents. 

  • Job Fit

    They have the skills and experience, the right behavioral style, and the logistics of the position are a fit.

  • Goal Fit

    The company can support them in achieving their personal, professional and financial goals.

  • Culture Fit

    Their values align with yours, and adding them to your team will strengthen your company culture. 

  • Talent

    They are the type of talent that you need in the role, and they use the language of talent. 

We call this the 

 JCG+T Formula 

for finding your perfect hire. 

JCG + T Formula

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vanessa rosenblum

Vanessa Rosenblum

President of Pro R.E.A. Staffing

Hire LAB Founder

Hi, I’m Vanessa Rosenblum. I am the president and founder of Pro R.E.A. Staffing - the industry’s lead recruiting firm for real estate teams and brokerages. I'll help you hire talented employees so you can get back to doing what you love. 


During my fifteen-year career, I have continually sought to answer the question, “What makes a lasting hire, and how can we reduce the chances of making the wrong one?” That question led me to develop the philosophy, framework, systems, and processes that I teach in the Hire LAB course and use in my recruiting practice.


It’s my goal to give you the tools you need to design the life you want to lead! Learn more about Pro R.E.A. Staffing...

kathleen metcalf

Kathleen Metcalf

Real Estate Admin Team Coach & Consultant

Hire LAB Co-Founder

Hi there! I’m Kathleen Metcalf. I support, guide and mentor entrepreneurs and business owners in the real estate industry. It's my goal to help you overcome personal and professional obstacles so that you can be the incredible leader that you want to be. 


I’ve served as the bridge between business owners and their assistants for over 10 years, leading teams step-by-step to create essential systems and core habits in their office. This allows leaders like you to encourage momentum and increase sales volume - all while raising the quality of customer service!


I can't wait to share my experience with you to help you make a lasting, successful hire. Learn more about Kathleen Metcalf...

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