New York Employee Termination Kit

You’ve decided that you’re going to terminate an employee (or perhaps they terminated themselves). Now you need the correct paperwork to let go of your employee, as per the law of New York.


This detailed termination kit includes a termination checklist, as well as all the forms you'll need for almost every termination situation. This includes variations based on size of employer (yes, size requires different forms).


In addition to these required forms, we've also added template termination letters for job abandonment, layoffs, return of company property and term for cause. 

It's possible that you'll also need COBRA forms - those are included too (just make sure you know what you’re doing with this one! COBRA is a doozy). 

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Meet our HR Expert Partner, Leilani Quiray

LeiLani Quiray, has a fiery passion for both Human Resources and philanthropy. With 20 years of HR experience and philanthropic work, she desired to build a business that was different from your everyday Human Resources consulting firm. be the change HR, Inc. is that firm. 


be the change HR, Inc., an Orange County-based conscious company and social enterprise that provides HR support for small-to-medium sized businesses. From pre-hire to post-term and everything else that happens in between. If it involves your employees, she can handle it.

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