reference check package

Reference Check Package

Professional references are an essential step in the interview process, and they are often the common denominator in failed new hires. When we ask employers who experienced a bad hire, “Did you check their references?” 90% of them say “No, and I wish I had.”


Hire a professional to verify employment and conduct professional reference checks. We'll ensure that your new hire is everything they claim to be. 


Your Reference Checks

  1. We coordinate with the candidate to collect references and cross-reference their resume for missing information. 
  2. We ask candidates to sign the FCRA and authorize us to speak to their references.

  3. Using our detailed questionnaire, we will speak to each reference and transcribe the reference’s feedback, delivering it to you immediately upon completion. 

  4. We’ll notify you of any additional unspoken information we collect. For example,  references were enthusiastic and quick to respond, or if they were vague and unresponsive.

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This is arguably the most important phase of the hiring process, and when done right, serves as the final step to connecting you with the employee of your dreams.

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“Vanessa has been a real asset to our company. She is a great listener, she really understands our needs and is a good read of people. Furthermore, she is very thorough in her vetting process, and gives us great candidates to interview. 

Jodi Vavricka

The Bizzy Blondes, Keller Williams Realty

“Thanks for all of your help. You have saved me valuable time on the hiring process and have brought me great candidates. I am very excited about our new hire. You have been great, very professional and I would highly recommend you!”

Todd Lemoine

Keller Williams First Atlanta

Their staff is attentive, detailed, understands what I’m looking for, and everyone has the nicest phone voices! I trust their judgement, and rely on their guidance. To be able to turn over my trust to them and know I’m in good hands is invaluable.

Nicki Banucci

Keller Williams Realty

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